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Erzari 23-01497 Erzari 8'3 X 9'10
Erzari 23-01497 Erzari 8'3 X 9'10
Erzari 23-01497 Erzari 8'3 X 9'10
Erzari 23-01497 Erzari 8'3 X 9'10
Erzari 23-01497 Erzari 8'3 X 9'10

Erzari 23-01497 Erzari 8'3 X 9'10

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Erzari rugs, woven with precision and cultural richness, embody the heritage of Afghan craftsmanship. Revel in intricate patterns and vibrant colors, each rug narrating stories of tradition and artistry. Elevate your space with the timeless allure of Erza Read more..

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Product description

Erzari rugs, also known as Ersari or Yomut rugs, have a rich history rooted in the weaving traditions of the Turkmen people, particularly the Ersari tribe. Here's an overview of the history of Erzari rugs:

  1. Turkmen Nomadic Heritage:

    • The Ersari tribe is one of the major Turkmen tribes, traditionally nomadic and known for their mastery of textile arts, including carpet weaving.
    • Nomadic lifestyles often influenced the designs and motifs in Turkmen rugs, reflecting the natural surroundings, daily life, and cultural symbols.
  2. Geographical Origin:

    • The Ersari tribe is primarily associated with Central Asia, particularly regions of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan.
  3. Weaving Techniques:

    • Erzari rugs are traditionally handwoven using the symmetrical Turkish (Ghiordes) knotting technique, which contributes to the durability and longevity of the rugs.
  4. Distinctive Features:

    • Erzari rugs are characterized by bold geometric patterns, intricate medallions, and a rich color palette, often featuring deep reds, blues, and ivory.
    • The designs may include repeated motifs, such as the gul (a traditional medallion) and other geometric shapes.
  5. Cultural Significance:

    • Erzari rugs hold cultural and symbolic significance within the Ersari tribe. Patterns and motifs often convey stories, traditions, and elements of the weavers' cultural identity.
    • The rugs have been used for various purposes, including as dowry items, tribal markers, and ceremonial pieces.
  6. Trade Routes and Influence:

    • The Ersari tribe and their rugs were part of the historical Silk Road trade routes, which facilitated cultural exchange and influenced the designs of their textiles.
  7. Impact of Settled Living:

    • Over time, some Ersari tribes have transitioned from nomadic to settled living. This shift has influenced the production and designs of Erzari rugs, with some weavers adapting to new influences.
  8. Contemporary Production:

    • Today, Erzari rugs are still produced, both by traditional artisans in Central Asia and by contemporary weavers. The rugs remain highly valued for their quality, unique designs, and cultural significance.

Erzari rugs, with their distinct style and cultural heritage, continue to be appreciated by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the enduring legacy of Turkmen weaving traditions.

Size: 8’3 X 9'10
Style: Tribal
Type: Kazak
Origin: Pakistan
Age: New
Color: Multicolor
Content:100% Wool
Construction: Hand Knotted


Article number


Article number

23-01497 Erzari 8'3 X 9'10

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Erzari rugs, woven with precision and cultural richness, embody the heritage of Afghan craftsmanship..

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