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Discover the Artistry of Tabriz Rugs in Brookfield

Immerse yourself in the intricate designs and rich history of authentic Tabriz rugs at Shabahang Rug Gallery, Brookfield's premier destination for fine Persian carpets, area rugs, and runners. Our curated collection showcases the finest examples of this renowned Persian rug weaving tradition, bringing a touch of timeless elegance and sophistication to your Wisconsin home.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship: The History of Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz, a city in northwestern Iran, has been a major hub for rug weaving since the 15th century. Renowned for their exceptional quality, Tabriz rugs boast intricate designs and utilize luxurious materials like wool and silk. These hand-knotted masterpieces, treasured by royalty and collectors throughout history, continue to captivate with their timeless appeal and investment value.

Tabriz Rugs: Where History, Art, and Luxury are Interwoven

Experience the captivating beauty of Tabriz area rugs, runners, and carpets! These meticulously crafted treasures boast an impressive range of designs, from elaborate floral motifs and captivating hunting scenes to the distinctive central medallions. Find inspiration in the intricate geometric patterns drawn from Persian art, mythology, and culture. Each Tabriz rug tells a unique story, woven with meticulous care and attention to detail, using Persian or asymmetrical (Senneh) knots.

Step onto a Tabriz area rug at our Brookfield-area rug gallery and feel its plush, luxurious pile, a testament to the skill of the weavers and the quality of the materials. Tabriz rugs are not only works of art but also durable and long-lasting investments that will enhance your home for generations, adding warmth and character to any room.

Your Destination for Authentic Tabriz Rugs for Sale Near Brookfield

Discover a curated collection of authentic Tabriz rugs, carpets, and runners for sale near Brookfield at Shabahang Rug Gallery. We source our rugs directly from skilled artisans in Tabriz, ensuring their quality and authenticity. Our knowledgeable staff is passionate about Tabriz rugs and can guide you through our diverse selection of sizes, colors, and styles, helping you find the perfect Persian floor coverings to complement your Brookfield home's décor.

Bring the Beauty of Tabriz Into Your Brookfield Home

At Shabahang Rug Gallery, we offer personalized services to help you find the perfect Tabriz rug, carpet, or runner. Unsure how a Tabriz floor covering will fit into your existing décor? Our complimentary in-home consultations in Brookfield allow you to see our rugs in your own space before making a decision.

Enhance your home with the timeless elegance and artistry of a Tabriz rug. Visit Shabahang Rug Gallery near Brookfield to explore our extensive collection and experience the beauty of these exceptional Persian carpets firsthand, and for Tabriz rug cleaning, repair, or appraisal. Contact us today for expert guidance and personalized assistance.


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