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Wool is the most popular luxurious fiber. Wool is considered by many to be the very best carpet fiber material available. Sure it is expensive but for good reasons.


Wool is extremely durable, strong, elastic, and has excellent resilience more than most of the carpet fibers. Wool has a high degree of a natural crimp in the fibers similar to a coil spring which helps withstand heavy pressure and footfall. Hence, wool rugs maintain a good appearance for longer.

Sheap Wool

Naturally flame retardant 

Wool is a naturally flame retardant. Although wool will catch fire it will not support flame, meaning it was just shoulder and self extinguish when the flame source is removed. The moisture that the wool holds contributes to it being flame-retardant burns from cigarettes and splats from the fire will cause minimum damage to a wool rug.

Warm and cozy, cool and comfy

Wool has superb insulating properties. It helps to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Its unique chemical structure means that they have a natural ability to regulate the humidity in your home. Wool absorbs moisture from the air when the atmosphere is damp and releases it when the atmosphere is dry. Providing improved air quality and creating a more comfortable home environment. It does this without being damp or cold to the touch.

Water repellent 

Wool is naturally Water repellent. This is because the surface of the wool fibers has overlapping waxy scales that are hydrophobic water-resistant in other words. Making them waterproof means that water droplets will bead and roll off the fibers, delaying the observation time. But saying that wool is also highly absorbent. Amazingly, wool can absorb up to thirty-five percent of its weight in water before it even starts to feel wet. It may seem confusing that wool is both water repellent and highly moisture absorbent. Well, there are two different parts of the fiber that give wool these qualities. As I said, wool has a hydrophobic water-repellent exterior but it has a hydrophilic water-loving interior so even though it's naturally water repellent, the inner core, however, will slowly absorb the water vapor. So wool is both moisture repellent and water absorbent.

Less static electricity, less dirt

Now because of these moisture retention properties, wool rugs don't conduct static electricity. The low surface energy of wool reduces the degree of dry soil pick-up compared to most other fibers. Wool is naturally soil resistant because of its protective layer which traps the dirt in the upper area of the carpet pile so it can easily be removed. When it comes to clean-up, wool indeed responds very well. as the moisture makes the fibers swell and release the dirt.


Wool hidden secret

Wool has excellent soil hiding capability. Wool will not show soil as many other fibers. the reason for this is that wool is an opaque fiber as opposed to synthetics which are transparent. The natural soft appearance provided by the scales on the fibers diffuses light which makes the 

soil much less apart to the human eyes.


Unlike man-made fibers, you may need to consider the organic problems of wool. Since wool is a protein it can be attacked by rug moth. This is a problem that needs immediate attention because it will continue to get worse. 

wool absorbs dyes easily. 

Wool holds dye to the core of its fiber. You may have seen rugs in museums that are well over a hundred years old, yet they still have brilliant colors. This bond that wool has with dye, explains why it is difficult to remove any stains that include dye or coloring agents. Wool is easily stained if you do not clean it up quickly. 

An interesting fact is, wool is more vulnerable to stains similar to its own chemical makeup. As I mentioned before, wool is essentially a protein. So it is vulnerable to protein-like stains, like meat, juices, pet soiling, blood, tea, coffee, etc. 

Weaving rugs


Where would you put a wall rug?

Well, you would want to avoid putting a wool carpet in any room that gets constant sunlight. It can fade quite a bit in the sunlight. Exposing the rug to a little sunlight is not going to be a problem. Just make sure you limit it.




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